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Qilery 168 Pcs Mini Washable Paint Set – Perfect for Kids Art Projects

Qilery 168 Pcs Mini Washable Paint Set – Perfect for Kids Art Projects

Qilery 168 Pcs Mini Washable Paint Set

Are you looking for the perfect art set for your kids’ creative projects? Look no further than the Qilery 168 Pcs Mini Washable Paint Set! This comprehensive set includes everything your little artist needs to create beautiful masterpieces.

Main Features

Mini Canvases

The set comes with 24 4 x 4” mini canvases, perfect for small hands to work on. These canvases are high-quality and provide a great surface for painting.

Wooden Easel

Each set includes 24 wooden easels, making it easy for kids to display their artwork. The easels are sturdy and can be easily set up on any table or desk.

Acrylic Paint Strips

With 48 acrylic paint strips in a variety of vibrant colors, kids can let their imagination run wild. The paint is washable, making it easy to clean up any mess.

Painting Brushes

48 painting brushes are included in the set, ensuring that every stroke is precise and smooth. The brushes are easy to clean and maintain.


24 palettes are provided for mixing and blending colors. These palettes are durable and can be used again and again.


Is the paint washable?

Yes, the acrylic paint included in the set is washable, making it perfect for kids’ art projects.

Are the canvases reusable?

Yes, the mini canvases can be used multiple times. Simply wipe them clean after each use.

Can the easels be folded for storage?

Yes, the wooden easels are foldable, making them easy to store when not in use.


The Qilery 168 Pcs Mini Washable Paint Set is a must-have for any young artist. With its comprehensive selection of art supplies, kids can unleash their creativity and produce stunning artwork. Whether for art classrooms or party favors, this set is sure to be a hit!