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Street Racing Duck Yellow Red Helmet-XL

Street Racing Duck Yellow Red Helmet-XL

Street Racing Duck Yellow Red Helmet-XL

Get the ultimate protection with the Street Racing Duck Yellow Red Helmet-XL. Made with ABS material and certified for safety standards, this helmet is perfect for high-speed racing.


High Performance Material

The ABS material used in this helmet ensures high performance and meets safety standards such as ECE R-22.05, DOT FMVSS NO. 218, and ISI certified IS 4151 : 2015 and CM/L 1650145.

Dual EPS Liner

The dual EPS liner is designed to fit the head perfectly, absorb impact energies, and prevent penetration.

Secure Fit

The chinstrap secures the helmet and the head to prevent rolling off, and the double D-ring ensures a secure fit.

Optimal Ventilation

The upper air intake vent and back outlet vent maximize air volume and flow-through ventilation, keeping you cool during high-speed rides.

Visor and Sun Visor

The optically correct visor is equipped with a pin lock system for a toolless change, and an internal sun visor is included for added convenience.

Integrated Spoiler

The integrated spoiler provides a streamlined presentation and stability at high speeds, made with tough polycarbonate material for durability.

Safety Testing

The helmet has undergone rigorous testing for energy attenuation, penetration resistance, chin strap integrity, and more under various conditions.


Is this helmet suitable for high-speed racing?

Yes, the Street Racing Duck Yellow Red Helmet-XL is designed for high-speed racing and meets safety standards for such activities.

Can I change the visor easily?

Yes, the visor comes with a quick and toolless change mechanism for added convenience.

Is the helmet durable?

Yes, the helmet is made with tough polycarbonate material and has undergone rigorous safety testing for durability.


When it comes to high-speed racing, the Street Racing Duck Yellow Red Helmet-XL provides the ultimate protection and performance. With its ABS material, dual EPS liner, optimal ventilation, and integrated spoiler, this helmet is designed to keep you safe and comfortable during intense rides.