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Wiska – Cable Gland

Wiska – Cable Gland

Wiska – Cable Gland: The Ultimate Solution for Secure Cable Connections

Are you tired of dealing with unreliable cable connections that are prone to water damage? Look no further! Introducing the Wiska Cable Gland, a revolutionary product designed to provide a secure and water-proof solution for all your cable needs.

Why Choose Wiska Cable Gland?

With its polyamide construction, the Wiska Cable Gland offers exceptional durability and resistance to various environmental factors. Its M20 size makes it suitable for a wide range of cable diameters, ensuring compatibility with most cables.

Water-Proof Design

The Wiska Cable Gland is specifically engineered to withstand water ingress. With an impressive IP69 rating, it guarantees protection against powerful water jets, making it ideal for outdoor applications. Additionally, it boasts an IP68 rating, ensuring water resistance even when submerged under 5 bar pressure for 30 minutes.

Easy Installation

Installing the Wiska Cable Gland is a breeze. Simply insert the cable through the gland, tighten the locknut, and you’re good to go. Its user-friendly design eliminates the need for complicated tools or extensive technical knowledge.

Quantity and Packaging

Each box of Wiska Cable Gland contains 50 pieces, providing you with an ample supply for your projects. The packaging is carefully designed to ensure the glands are protected during transportation and storage, guaranteeing their quality upon arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the Wiska Cable Gland be used for both indoor and outdoor applications?

Yes, the Wiska Cable Gland is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its water-proof design makes it perfect for outdoor installations where protection against water ingress is crucial.

2. What cable diameters are compatible with the M20 size?

The M20 size of the Wiska Cable Gland is compatible with cable diameters ranging from Xmm to Ymm. Please refer to the product specifications for the exact range.

3. Can the Wiska Cable Gland be reused?

No, the Wiska Cable Gland is designed for single-use only. Reusing the gland may compromise its water-proof capabilities and lead to potential cable damage.


When it comes to securing your cables and protecting them from water damage, the Wiska Cable Gland is the ultimate solution. Its polyamide construction, water-proof design, and easy installation make it a reliable choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. With 50 pieces per box, you’ll have an abundant supply to complete your projects with confidence. Don’t settle for subpar cable connections – choose the Wiska Cable Gland and experience the difference!